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I am 23 and for the past 2 years I have been freaking out about my health to the point my heart has now been affected from constant anxiety. I decided to go to the Dr and my resting heart rate was 140 BPM and the Dr told me I needed to take anxiety medication immediately if I cannot bring my anxiety down myself. I do not want to take any meds due to an addiction (I am 6 years sober whoop whoop!) My first worry came along when I went to the OBGYN for the first time and she told me I had a bacterial infection which then led my mind to believe i had HIV (crazy i know) but i believed it with everything inside me then literally the next morning I had a rash on my chest which listed as an HIV symptom. I got tested and was negative but I was still convinced I had it and the Dr somehow switched my blood test. The next one was, I have had 2 sexual partners in my entire life and the second one I slept with was a hard core drug user and has slept with literally hundreds of girls, when I was coming off of drugs I lost my period for 6 months and then was immediately convinced I had some type of STD that would make me infertile even though his STD tests all came back negative. I instantly think he is lying to me and this fear went away for about 6 months and randomly today (after a stressful day I might add) I find myself googling different symptoms I feel I have been having such as severe period cramps, and bladder pains and I start to think they are STD symptoms. Idk why this happens to me but it feels so real and idk what to do. But these past two years have been insane, I started seeing a therapist and she explained to me I might be feeling this way because the past two years things have happened to me that never seemed possible so now my mind thinks all horrible things are possible. If anyone has any advice that would be amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time

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You should ask your cardiologist to prescribe you a beta blocker. I hear it slows down rapid heartbeats to safer levels. Try it and see how it works out. Best of luck to you!!


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