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Citalopram 10mg 6 weeks

Hi everybody. I suffer with health anxiety. I've been on citalopram before I was on it for 2 years. I came off it for a year. 6 weeks ago I started back on it. The side effects have been bad nausea dizziness and just feeling unwell. I don't feel so bad now, but worrying already about increasing to 20mg. I no eventually I'll feel better for it, but I'm dreading feeling poorly again. Especially when I can't take no more time off from my full time job. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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That was the first drug I tried some 15 years ago. 20 mg worked for me very nicely for a few years before I had to change over. At this point you suffered the six weeks of re-introducing the chemicals to your brain upping the dose shouldn't be that bad at all good luck my friend

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Thank you for your reply it means a lot.


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