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Acceptance of anxiety

Acceptance of the physical symptoms of anxiety is key for me. This morning i feel anxious and notice the stomach butterfies or like churning stomach and keenly aware of my heart beating/flutters. These physical sensations want me to lay in bed and wait for them to pass but that is not acceptance...i am noticing that they are present but going about my daily activity and making plans where i have none so i dont dwell on these symptoms.

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Totally agree with you just accept them soon they will go away.


You are doing exactly the right things to overcome anxiety, namely accepting the symptoms without adding further fear to your nervous system and getting on with doing the things you normally do. It was Claire Weekes, the doctor who wrote "Self help with your nerves" which set out the acceptance method for recovery of anxiety disorder who also said 'keep off that sofa or bed during the day'. I wish your recovery God's speed.

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