At work everything fine , staff member dropped something off and we where talking outside and all off a sudden I felt really yucky, heart rate was rising . He Left and I went back inside then bang within 10 mins went into a panic attack . Why the hell does this happen for no bloody frigin reason . Came home and felt like I have been hit with a truck . I'm really getting to the stage I can't keep doing this crap 😞😞😞 so fed up


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4 Replies

  • if it occurs more than once for no reason, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. Or otherwise it's just common symptoms of anxiety you're experiencing. You're not alone, it sucks.

  • I was diagnosed with panic disorder years ago . BUT why does it hit me for no bloody reason ?? Then all my heart seems to do is skip beats , jump around and race .

  • that's the reason. the panic/anxiety disorder. It can happen if you have it. It happens to me all the time in random places!

  • But why when your laughing and feel totally relaxed ??

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