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So over anxiety. Ugh just leave already

Hi I am 32 year old female and I have had anxiety and panic attacks off and on my entire life. The episodes come and stay for a while then leave as fast as the come . I havent had an episode in about 7 or 8 years until 6 weeks. Ago and it's been hard it started around the time I stopped smoking and this is the first time I tried meds not good for me at all . I am doing better. I see a difference in the weeks I am haveing more good days and my bad ones aren't as bad as they where but I just want to be me again to feel whole no worry bout breathing . my anxiety is based on me not being able to breathe but when I go to the Dr everything's good. I wish it would just go away

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if it started after quitting smoking I would think its the withdrawl of nicotine...nicotine relaxes when you stop you are gonna have the opposite effect...try chamomile 2 bagger works for me, add lil honey...and don't go back to smoking...


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