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Sharp stomach pains since last month?

Hello, I'm new here. Nice to meet you.

I have been experiencing sharp pains (sometimes cramps?) in my stomach (nearer to the right side a little) since last month. My GP diagnosed me with dyspepsia a week ago, and gave me ranitidine, but my symptoms don't seem to be improving.

I was so scared, and googled my symptoms, and google says it's gallstones? Sounds scary at first, but as I calm down and try matching my symptoms, not all of my symptoms seem to match. My stools (I'm sorry), for the past few days are of normal color, not clay color.

I was also tested for H.pylori, but it came out negative.

Starting from a few days ago, the pains appear on the left side too now. They don't really happen together.

The pain kind of happens randomly, but it hurt once when I was really hungry, once after a few hours of eating. Doesn't really happen when I'm eating. And when I try moving my stomach muscle like stretching. It hurts almost every day for a few minutes.

I know I have to see the doctor again soon since I've finished the ranitidine prescribed by the doctor. But I'm really scared.

I also get chest pains too. ((I don't think they are related. Since I seem to have it whenever I'm anxious.) And I have hyperthyroidism. I'm 21.

What could it be? Does anyone experience the same symptoms as mine?


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