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Yesterday (as in 20 hours ago) I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. A quick look revealed possible symptoms. Perhaps finishing up with 24 hour nursing. Anxiety? I'm absolutely ****ing terrified!

Tremor (shaking)

Slowness of movement

Rigidity (stiffness)

Physical and other symptoms of Parkinson's

Bladder and bowel problems

Eye problems

Falls and dizziness




Restless legs syndrome

Skin and sweating problems

Sleep problems

Speech and communication problems

Swallowing problems

Mental health and Parkinson's




Hallucinations and delusions

Memory problems]

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kjt239, I'm very sorry about the diagnosis of Parkinsons, however try not to project what may happen down the road. Each person is different. I know you are scared. That's a normal reaction unlike anxiety which makes us afraid of anything and everything. Work with your doctor, ask questions so you do not start anticipating the worse. Think positively as possible. And continue living your life to the best you can. Staying active mentally and physically will help your overall stamina. I think there may be a community on HU for this disease. As I always say on the anxiety forum, take what you read with an open mind. Don't allow scare tactics from one person over shadow you. Continue coming back to the Anxiety Forum so you have the comfort and support of our group helping you with the new diagnosis. My best to you kjt239, take it one day at a time.....


Yes I always bet on the dice as they roll! Working with a doctor is questionable. For example my GP prescribed propranolol which is the gold star drug for essential tremor which achieved nothing. I was about to change GP and will as soon as I get repeat prescriptions sorted. He said "well I don't know what to do then!". I finally found a consultant who was very well thought of in the profession (I went private) and I finally got a diagnosis. Took over a year though so I presumably lost a years worth of brain cells!

The secret with getting information from the web. Or from books or whatever - is to get it from several reliable places. Last spring when I suspected I might have Parkinsons I did a short online course on it from Birmingham University which gave me a lot of background information. I knew a lot already from general knowledge. I like knowing things...

The number of times I have read the phrase "Maintain the quality of life as long as possible" in the last couple of days is cheering to say the least.

The good news is the average age of death in the general population is about 85 and I am 74 so we only have to keep the ball rolling 'til then!!!


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