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Anxiety from sleep paralysis/ i was lucid dreaming?

This happened in the early morning hours. It was around 3 or 4 in the morning. I wasnt asleep since i had already slept in the afternoon(?) the previous day. I fell asleep at 6:30 or 7 and i woke up at 11 at night. But i tried falling asleep at 3 or 4 in the morning and something really unsettling happened. As i was trying to fall asleep, i noticed that i wasnt able to move. I thought "Ok, sleep paralysis, happened before, whatever." i had slightly moved my lower back and my senses came back and i could move. Then i tried to fall asleep again and the same thing happened but it was a lot scarier this time. I was asleep, or i thought i was. I tried to open my eyes but they wouldnt open. I didnt feel anxious or scared, but confused. This is when it got scary. Slowy, my breathing was becoming constricted. Little by little, within a time span of 3 seconds, it was becoming increasingly difficult to breath. At the same time, i remember having a quick dream. All i saw in this dream was me in school and 2 girls in front of me, looking at me while covering their mouths with their hands. That was it. I had to forcefully breath and then it went back to normal. But many seconds later it happened again. This time i dont remember if my eyes were half or fully closed, but this time, it was like i had tunnel vision and in the end of that "tunnel" i saw a small gray dot. Again, my breathing was increasingly getting constricted. I forced my self to breath again and it had the same result, my senses came back. My room was dark since i have black curtains fully covering the windows, so no light couldve come through. After this, i just slept in a different position (on my side and not on my stomach with my head basically on the wall when this happened) and i slept and woke up just fine. Anyone else had this experience or can help me with this?

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I have had sleep paralysis before; its scary! ive also had the 'not being able to catch my breath' on many occassions; Both are scary; but try taking deep breaths; i always sleep on my side


Agree with other reply. I have experienced sleep paralysis before and find it's much less likely if one sleeps on side


I have it on occasion, it's horrible but if you try not to focus on it too much it will go away or at least happen less. If you mention it to your doctor you'll probably have a sleep study. It's the easiest test ever. I found out I have Sleep Apnea . All better now. Pam


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