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Anxiety attack BUT it didn't consume me

Morning folks!

I've been through every element of anxiety. From cognitive (where I thought I was going crazy) to health anxiety (I thought I had heart lung and brain diseases). Well Last night I had an anxiety attack for the first time in months! It was a very, interesting experience to say the least.

I knew what it was the minute it happened BUT I did not freak out or loose control like I used to about 6-7 months ago.

I've learned many skills since I finally realized I was suffering or I should say living with things anxiety. Many of the skills I learned here.

Anywho, when it happened last night I decided one thing..... it's not gonna get me down or back. I've been very fortunate to control my experience with anxiety with a lot of the information that I record from here. One main piece of information from here which was to just accept the anxiety and to KNOW that it will go away and that it will pass.

Telling myself this and using mindfulness and just praying and trusting in God and Jesus it all went away.

I post every once in awhile and give advise to many users on this website. But don't think that people like us don't often times get the experiences of anxiety from time to time. We still do but now we know how to handle and live with it.

So what am I saying? Anxiety will come and go. Believe in it. If you are suffering from it, just remember it will pass. Tell yourself this. Because it is true. Don't fight it. Accept it and love your life. It gets better. It takes time and patience (and believe me when I say I had to learn this too).

Have faith. Have hope. Believe in God and Jesus and know that He will get you through everything and accept that you will get through it all.



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You, my friend, are on the road to recovery simply because you are moving forward with the right attitude, taking your anxiety with you and rolling with the punches.

Recovery is a process, a journey with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs but if you continue moving forward with the right attitude, you will find lasting peace. An attitude of acceptance is key to all of this. What will be, will be. It can't be anything else. Anxiety just creates false messages so just accept what is happening and move on and it will disappear. The more you accept and move on, the stronger you become until the thought of having a panic attack (or setback) bothers you less and less.

Fear is the main protagonist that keeps it all going but once you lose the fear and stop caring if you have another panic attack, you are well on the road to recovery. Lingering sensitisation may still bring some symptoms but so what? Acceptance means you won't even have to "live with it" because that implies a person is not fully accepting, just putting up with it. Utter acceptance will set you free completely because you will just not care.

Best wishes



Fantastic Devin I'm so happy for you and you are so right It does go it always follows the same pattern doesn't it nothing awful ever happens the "what ifs" never materialise We keep ourselves prisoners by being fooled by it

I love your post its uplifting and will give comfort to many people 😉


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