Strange sensation around right eye

For as long as I can remember I've had uncomfortable eyes and sinuses. It wasn't until a few years ago that I finally discovered the benefit of using antihistamines, sinus irrigations, proper eye hygiene, etc. which relieved a lot of the constant discomfort. With my allergy symptoms and previously irritated eyes at bay, I began to notice a very strange sensation that was previously masked by other more apparent symptoms. This new sensation is tough to describe but it is as if a cobweb or fine hair is draped across my eyelid/brow/upper cheek. This is often accompanied by a light pressure sensation as if someone were to gently hold their finger against my eye. It is very subtle, yet persistent, and often grows in strength as I try and ignore it. Shortly after the sensation begins I will get neck and jaw tightness due to my straining efforts in attempt to ignore the sensation. Sometimes the sensation becomes so severe I feel like fluid or air is behind my eye. At the same time I feel as though I can only see out of my right eye even though I can see perfectly fine out of my left. Eventually the symptoms will dissipate or change ever so slightly. On the rare occasion, the sensation will completely go away and I feel at total ease. All the tension goes away almost instantaneously and it's as if I never had the sensation at all. It never fails though, the sensation always comes back and it becomes extremely dissatisfying and overwhelmingly frustrating because it distracts me from whatever I am doing. My tolerance to the sensation seems to go down if I am stressed, lacking sleep or nutrition, however, stress seems to have very little correlation as to whether or not I still feel the sensation. I will say that 99% of the time I feel it in my right eye and 1% or less of the time it switches to my left eye, albeit very briefly. Anyone else have similar symptoms and have any insight as to what it could be? It's really taking a toll on my life and coupled by the fact that I have what I believe to be an enlarged solid lymph node under the angle of my jaw on the right side I can only ruminate the possibilities of this being something terrible. By the way, I have been to a few doctors and none of them seem to take me seriously even though I am medically trained. They simply write it off as anxiety.


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3 Replies

  • Alan here .I have the exact same symtoms went to the opticians they checked it out and they told me I had a small blood vessel that burst and that the cobweb affect is the blood I was seeing they said the body should reabsorb the blood but always go and get it checked by a professional

  • Not to be rude, but medically trained doesn't necessarily mean medically smart. Get a work up on your whole head. My guess is Anxiety, but why not be sure? Let us know what you find out. Pam

  • I' sorry I'm not pleased with that medically smart commit . I don't mean you are not smart, but that medical people are not always the best patients. I'm not really a good patient myself. I second guess my Doctors, google everything. Once I told my GP about something I had read on an online forum and he said to me' well, it depends where you want your medical advice to come from, a fabulous Dr.. like myself, or some mechanic on a forum.' He makes me laugh it's one of the reasons I see him. Pam

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