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I need help, i'm in a dilema

Hi people

My mon is planning a vaccations travel for our family, and I an kinda freaking out, because will be a big one

I'm finding a lot of excuses to don't go, but in the end I know the blame is on my anxiety. I know a shouldn't give up, but at the same time, i think is better wait and travel in a better time. I Don't know what to do, someome had advices for me?

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Sometimes if we wait and let the anxiety win it will keep winning every time as it knows it has control

I would talk with my parents , tell them how I feel , just like you have in this post and ask for their support so you can go with them :-)

Hope you make the right decision for you and let us know if you do go and how it went because sometimes thinks are not half as bad as our anxiety wan'ts us to believe it will be

Take Care x


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