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Hi everyone. I'm back again.

It's been over 6 weeks sInce my panick attack.

I wanted to know if it's normal to feel like you are coming down with an illness. I feel like this every single day. Like I'm coming down with an infection or sickness. This along with varying degrees of head fog and tiredness.

I really just want to know if anyone else has experienced this. I don't have a fever or anything but the other day slept for 12 hours which isn't like me at all and I just don't have any energy.

Thank you for any feed back. As I am contemplating going back to the doctors but I'm notrying sure what if anything they can do.



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I see you posted something similar 9 days ago. It certainly doesn't sound worrying and is likely due to health Anxiety.

A blood test may help to reassure you?


I have health anxiety and at times I feel like I've got run over by a truck! I feel like I've got the worse strain of flu out there! But it usually subsides and im "okay" after. I think it might be our bodies way of dealing with all the excess stress and adrenaline built up in our bodies! If it eases your mind, maybe a trip back to your gp would be good. Best wishes and take care 🙂


HI Pete. Sounds like you may have either gut inflammation or inflammation that has spread. Change your diet. Especially, eliminate all wheat , flour products and dairy for while. Bone broth is best for gut problems. Cheers!


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