Mama with anxiety

Hello I'm new here. I was diagnosed with GAD back in November, but I really think it was postpartum anxiety that went undiagnosed and untreated. Moms with small children, How do you cope with having to take care of your little ones while dealing with Anxiety? Also, my biggest fear is something happening to me and not being around for my kids!


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  • You will be around for them! I know it sounds cheesy and cliche, but don't put that negative thought in your head. Deep can do this...and it very well could be Postpartum. That's ok. That's good. Maybe it will go away! I've had depression, anxiety, and chronic pain for years and my daughter is Gifted and Talented, Chess Club, Choir...just doing fantastic. Yours will too! Anxiety doesn't always take away your loving maternal instincts. I'm here to talk anytime. Stay strong!

  • Thank you, I appreciate your kind words! It gets overwhelming sometimes but I think all parents feel that way at some point or anther. I'm hoping with thereapy I'll learn how to live with this.

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