Hey guys does anyone else's pain from health aniexty e.g. Burning chest back and arms go on for day after tea mines been for a good few months now after never having any kind of aniexty until august this year,?

My pain pains are shooting pains/burning chest a stich like pain on my ribs and burning on my upper back any feed back appreciated guys? I also feel light headed and lethargic


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3 Replies

  • I get chest pains sometimes my chest is sore to the touch. Breaking feels kinda forced or I'm just noticing it a hell of a lot more. My chest pains are normally near my ribs right below my left breast if that makes sense. They last for seconds but they are scary I felt like yesterday I was on my way out. I get lightheaded at times dizzy blurry vision horrible back pain the list goes on 😟

  • I literally get this all the time!! Doctor says it's just anxiety!!

  • Same here I get from a stabbing chest to a dull ache a stich in my left rib cage mainly but also get random shooting pains all over seems endless

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