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First day of meds

so today I saw my doctor and asked for help with my depression, anxiety and trichotillomania. I couldn't start another year in the same way I have since I was a child, I know I deserve better.

I have been prescribed sertraline and have just taken my first dose. I was also advised to use the web to connect with others who may be in a similar position as I find it difficult to talk with people I know about how I feel.

anyway, here I am.

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Hi. I did something very similar about 6 months ago & I was prescribed sertraline 👍too.

It has helped me. I am finding the energy to cope

I'm also possibly finding a new diagnosis (not confirmed yet so not ready to write it down) hopefully this will be a good thing.

Good luck. I do believe the saying 'if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results (or something like that!)'.

So, you are trying something new - that's so good and I wish you the best

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Give meds a chance, sometimes it can take 3/4 weeks for full effect...but hope you feel a little better each are doing the right wishes


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