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whats happening now


Hi all, took 10 days off work to aid my recovery and along with massages, acupuncture & NLP my anxiety has got better and I was doing ok the last few days. Back to work today and straight away I am getting the dodgy vision, floaters, derealisation and terrible headaches, the second I left my house - there must be more to it, what is my mind doing to me now if not! why would my mind want to put me and itself through this terrible ordeal.. its technically self harming itself!

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Sounds like your job is slowly killing you. I'm going through the same thing and its awful.

I don't actually want to die though.. so I hope that's just the phrase you are using. I'm at home now and everything is fine!

It's just a phrase! Sorry for the poor wording. I recently took some time off work to give myself a break and had a panic attack on my first day back.

I managed to not have one. But not enjoyable day atall!

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