Anxiety and depression

Hi people,

I have recently been diagnosed with being b12 deficent and am part of the PAS community. Everyone has been so helpful with advice on how to approach my GP and tips on how to cope and improve my condition going forward.

However, coming across this community i had to ask for some help. My story starts in September, i went to Ibiza with my boyfriend for a week, i had a great time. I abused my body with too much partying and not eating much or getting much rest for the whole week. Upon return i had the holiday blues (as any normal person would). Then a few days later i got intense stomach pain, couldn't eat without feeling sick and was either constipated or had diarrehaea. I went to the Dr. who took a urine sample, blood pressure, heart rate etc. which all came back fine. He told me i had a stomach infection and it would pass in a week or so, which it did. I took a week off work, rested as much as possible, drank lots of water and ate as much as possible. I had really bad anxiety during this point thinking i was dying or that something bad would happen to me. When i recovered a week later i was back to my normal bubbly self. No anxiety at all.

Then bang, two weeks later the stomach pain, feeling sick etc. returned, sending me into a mad panic, constantly thinking i had cancer or something bad. I went to my doctors and he sent me for a blood test. It was revealed that i have a b12 deficencey (levels were just 121!!) i have had my 6 loading injections and starting to feel better. However, everynow and then i get really depressed and will uncontrollably cry for hours sometimes for no reason. I think about dying and get upset about how short life is, i also worry about my partner leaving me which is stupid as were great together and there is no valid reasons to back these thoughts. Mondays are my worst days as i am usually home alone and always spend the whole weekend with my boyfriend sociallising with friends etc. at the pub. The anxiety and depression may be related to my b12 deficencey i just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this?



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