Jumping awake when trying to sleep

Most nights when I try to fall asleep it's like I'm trying to go to sleep then either it feels like I quit breathing or my heart stops and I jump awake gasping for air.

Is this sleep apnea or something related to anxiety??!

My husband say that he hears me quit breathing and then that's when I jolt awake

I'm not over weight... I'm 5'2 125lbs and 25 years old. Isn't sleep apnea often seen in over weight patients?? Idk. Do y'all know anything about this? I've also read about adrenal fatigue can cause this


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3 Replies

  • I get this after a stressful day or if I have a worry right before bed time , it might be something to do with adrenaline and your brain not letting you sleep because you're worried . I normally try to keep the couple of hours before bedtime calm , have a bath , read a book or something that might not take the worry away completely but just not focusing your mind 100% on your worries

  • i do get that sometimes anit had it for an while but its really crazy sometimes it i get more then once when trying to sleep crazy has hell

  • Me too. Sucks so bad!!

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