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I was diagnosed 22 years ago with Bipolar disorder after being detained under section 2 Mental Health Act 1983. Since that time I have been taking Amisulpride and have fully recovered. During the last 22 years I have raised my family on my own, developed properties, been to university and now have an amazing career. About seven years ago I went through a bad time and I stopped taking my medication. I went downhill like a lead balloon and ended up being skin and bone and depressed and psychotic. I am now in a good place and have a beautiful home and a good job of my dreams. I want to come of my medication as I have been reading loads about anti-psychotics reducing life expectancy by fifteen years. I have reduced my daily dose to 50mg daily and I am fine on that but I have gained a lot of weight. I have not had a relationship in over twenty years either because the drugs stop you feeling emotionally and physically. Does anyone have any idea of an alternative that I could take that will prevent the depression without the side effects.

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Can you help me understand why people who are bipolar periodically want to stop taking their medication?


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