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Hi guys I dunno what to put other than I was hitting rock bottom yesterday but trite I think I'm at the core, feel so alone, then to top it off I see something on the news about some cuts to health services, that's right kick us when we're already down, if I look in the mirror I look at my chest area because I can't look straight at my face I hate what I've become,

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Hi Phil, first of all you are not alone...even though most of us feel alone we are together in this. Also stop watching the news please, its nothing but bad news. Please look in the mirror, smile at yourself because you are you! 😊I know the feeling of not liking who I have become, but we have to love ourselves and try to keep hope alive in ourselves. I wish you well. It will get better.

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Hi phil176uk, the next time you look in the mirror, think past "you hate what you've become" and remember the days when you liked who you were. Well, that person is still there. Deep inside of you is that strong, capable person who wants so much to get out. Believe that, see that in the mirror and know one day you will be okay again. You will leave all this behind.


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