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Is it PTSD and GAD?

I had a traumatic experience with the court system in 2014 where I lost custody of my children. Now, whenever there is a court related issue I spiral down in flames immediately. Panic, horrible anxiety, trouble sleeping.... I wonder if anyone can relate? Any coping techniques? I feel this awful awful anxiety and don't understand where it keeps coming from or how to handle it. I do not want to self medicate with Xanax each time, but should I to keep the Cortisol down? UGH!

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Hi MaliaDavis

I think every person here can relate to what you are going through. Please do not waste any time trying to figure out if it's GAD or PTSD. The root cause is always the same. Fear or fear of the feelings of fear itself. If you continually expose yourself to your fears and not react to them, the fears will disappear. If you react, you simply add more fear so your fear/flight mechanism stays on high alert, resulting in anxiety.

In summary, if you try and fight the symptoms, push them away, shrink away from them or try to control, the anxiety just hangs around for longer. You have to do the opposite and do nothing about the symptoms. Be ok about not feeling ok. This is the natural way to cure you and bring peace to your mind and body.

I've posted quite a bit on here recently about how to recover so feel free to read. Hope it helps.



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