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Early stage?

Hi everyone

A few weeks ago i attended a old friends funeral which i got the news for, we were the same age 27 i almost hadnt seen him For over 10 years. After the funeral i have been getting feelingw that im ill or have got cancer, tumor, or every illness has been on my mind. I feel like im not going to see the next couple years ahead of me.

Ive been in hospital for 3 three times this week and my gp for palpitaions, feeling breathless just really down. They have run several e.c.g tests all clear i have had all my blood tests which are all clear everytime i am reassured that nothing is wrong. The doctors wont say its anxiety, maybe not to worry me more than what i already am.

I do feel lucky that i have my family for support and definatly my fiancé support.

The last two days ive been well keeping a clear mind feeling like nothings wrong but last night i felt like my heart was about to come out my chest again its stopping me be active at work i dont feel like i can work up to the standards that i use to work at.

My supervisor has been in AA for over 17years and always says how helpfull its been to him.

Maybe i can get involved in meeting groups that help anxiety?

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Loosing an old friend is a sad time for anyone, and it was probably quite a shock for you, this has obviously been your trigger for the anxiety/panic you are now experiencing. It does help talking to people especially other sufferers, it's early day's yet and its very frightening when you first experience these kind of symptoms and thoughts. Your certainly doing the right thing though in telling people how you feel, attending groups or meetings and talking may help you understand more aswell as providing some comfort in knowing your not alone. You can recover from it and many do, give yourself time x

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