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Type of panic attack

I am on Lexapro 5mg for about three weeks and take xanax two or three times a day. I am still waking up every morning with anxiety..I hate to get out of bed but laying there doesn't help. Sometimes I can get through the morning decently but each day I get waves of nausea, sick stomach feeling, dry mouth and shakey, poor concentration. Then I get nervous because I feel so ill. I'm not sure if it is the medication side effects or just a type of panic attack. Anyone else get those symptoms. Is it anxiety or panic? It usually subsides eventually after I take a xanax, but sometimes it lingers for a long time. I am leaving the house less and less because I fear these episodes when I am out. I know my psychiatrist is going to increase the dosage of my lexapro at my next visit, but I don't know if that is causing these spells. I'm 62, recently retired and starting to worry something else is happening when I feel that way. Thanks for listening. I love this forum.

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Hi Mommadee, Morning anxiety is a real physical symptom. The cortisol starts escalating around 4am to prepare us for a new day. Unfortunately, people with anxiety already have adrenaline coursing through their bodies and the extra boost puts us into morning anxiety.

I have not found any medication that will touch it. I use to be on Xanax as well as still on Lexapro and neither do anything for morning anxiety. I listen to relaxation tapes as well as do deep breathing every morning and before bed each night. When I am done doing that, I get up. It does no good to stay in bed and allow the anxiety to build. I doubt that your meds are causing this feeling. It was the hardest symptom to rid myself of. I am on 15 mg Lexapro so your doctor may want to increase it some. Take care dear. x

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