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Positive diaries, logs, help please

Hi everyone

I have been doing CBT and was doing really well keeping anxiety in check in the last couple of months. But yesterday had a bad morning, woke up feeling sick and made myself really anxious and didnt get out of the house as was afraid to loose it.

I felt really bad as I had people waiting for me in the office but they understood and the day passed and anxiety too.

So I finished therapy last week and already am feeling uneasy! So I ask for your advise please in how do I start a log for positive behaviour? Do you have any websites where I can look for advise in how I can keep myself motivated?

I don't want to relapse so any advise would be most welcomed.

Thanks all

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Here is a website for you to look into. csefel.vanderbilt.edu/kits/wwbtk10.pdf ..... I hope this keeps you motivated!!!


Thank you x

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Just know that we all have our good days and our bad days. Good for you for reaching out and going through therapy, I know it can be a tough process (just starting mine and I'm super emotional).

Don't beat yourself up for having one day where you were anxious. It's a process, those days will get fewer and farther between.

To keep myself from falling into the dark hole of depression/anxiety, I listen to water sounds on youtube or positive affirmations in my headphones.

Every morning I light a candle and write in my journal a healing intention for the day, like "Be kind to myself." Then I write a list of the things I am grateful for, like my coffee, my view out my window, that my body is healthy, that I have a library close by, that my hair is growing. Just little silly things but it helps to maintain a positive focus.

I also have a dumping journal where I write my negative thoughts/nightmares to get rid of them.I feel horrible life sucks etc.

And going for a walk is a good way to calm me or go to the gym or do yoga in front of the computer if I can't get outside. Yoga For Adrienne is great on youtube.

Anything that makes you smile or laugh is also healing medicine.

Hope any of this was helpful!! Hang in there just know you are doing great and you deserve to be happy

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Thanks so much. I am definitely taking your points, next week I'll try again! X


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