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Why do I worry about things not related to me?

I don't know if you guys have heard of the show The Hollywood Medium with the clairvoyant guy I believe his name is Henry. But I was watching it earlier and everything he said I can't get it out of my mind. I've been obsessing over a reading he did for someone else all day. But why???? It had nothing to do with me at all, I saw it on tv!!!! And why do I always think because something happened to someone else, what happened to them may happen to me??? I scare myself so badly thinking all this negative stuff and feeling impending doom and it's driving me insane!!!!!!! Please help me guys 😔😔😔😔 I just wanna feel sane again.. Feel like my normal self again.. I miss me so much 😔😔😔😔😔

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Hi RyRywifey

I also often think about things that really have nothing to do with me, and I obsess over them and draw them out into all sort of alternate scenarios, and generally drive myself crazy with overthinking. You sound like you might be empathic, meaning you psychically take on the thoughts/feelings/energy of others. For us empaths, sorting out what are our own emotions, and what are other people's can be a very confusing business. For that, it helps to just slow it down and ask "Is this really me feeling this right now?"

For the merry-go-round of thoughts in my head, I find it helps to detach from my mind and think to myself, my thoughts are just thoughts, they come and go like waves, they are not actually me. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, they are all just my monkey brain. I can choose which ones I want to focus on.

Now I am not saying this is easy, and I definitely still overthink stuff all the time- like last night my brain was going 100 miles an hour off the hook and I couldn't sleep. But when I managed to think, these are just thoughts they are not real, it calmed me somewhat and eventually I went back to sleep.

Hope this helped at all. I wish you the best on your journey back to yourself! I feel confident that you will feel normal again eventually, but a new normal and even better for having gone through this. :)


Whenever those automatic negative thoughts arise, I have to ask myself if thinking those thoughts does me any good. Are they helpful to me or you? Probably not right. Because they are driving us crazy and making us feel like crap. And what are the chances that whatever it is will happen to me just because it happened to somebody else. Probability wise, it would be very low. Every thought that goes through our heads will make us feel a certain way. And we don't have to believe every last thought that enters our brain. Try to substitute in more cool rational thoughts whenever you feel like those negative thoughts pop up. Its really challenging but it can make a world of difference in how you interpret things.


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