I have been off work 4 weeks signed off by GP.... Back tomorrow... Still not over side effects of Prozac only been 2 weeks... My personnel manager called asking if I was back tomorrow... Told them think I would be off another week... Now they want me to go in after doctors tomorrow... Spoke to 1 of my directors and they said just a chat to see how I feel.... Worried sick as it sounds like they r trying to force me back. Any advice please.


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  • It could take longer than 4 weeks for you to function properly. YOU Simply NEED MORE TIME .

  • I have only been on mess for 2 weeks... Will go and see them tomorrow. I hope they understand.

  • go and see ur boss and explain ur situation hopefully he will understand good luck I'm on Prozac and it will take a while to work sometimes it's trail and error to find out what's suitable for you best of luck 🍀

  • I have to see them tomorrow after GP.... It feels like they r pushing me I have terrible anxiety now with the medication just hope it goes very soon.... Being positive is not easy. Thank you.

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