I hate aniexty I need help plz

Has anyone ever hand left arm pain in the shoulder so bad that u feel like it's a heart attack I been told it's a pinched nerve or tense muscle it's rather annoying I been getting super scared because I don't know what it is it's been going on for a week now it felt fine for 2 days and now it's back again also I have twitches in my eye and face I'm pretty sure due to aniexty I can stand living with this no more


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  • Hi I do, my doctor says I carry all my anxiety and stress in my neck, shoulders and back. I get twitches in the face and I also get pins and needles/ numbness in my arms . Just had an mri and awaiting results.x

  • My left side been going numb for quite some time to the point they had to make sure it wasn't a stroke I mean it could be my anxiety but I never understood how can anxiety make so many things in your body happen out of no where

  • I'm having the same problems!

  • I had the same thing....ended up in the ER thinking I was having a heart attack...pain in my jaw and up and down my arm. Turned out I was clenching my jaw from stress and the left side of my body was tensing as well. My therapist told me to "check" my body throughout the day, see if I'm clenching / tensing anything and work on relaxing that body part. It has helped a lot.

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