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Worst day

I have yet to find out the MRI results however yesterday has been the mos awful day since my head trauma 1 month ago. I was in the airport ready to board for my flight to Italy and had least 1 panic attack thinking that I may die or suffer a hemorrage during the flight. I remember I nearly fainted and had to lean against a wall just to make sure.

It is true that slept little within the previous 24h but am still worried. I am now in Italy visiting my family who are trying their very best to get me up and running back to normal all over again.

I kinda feel slightly better but there are times when I would get a massive skull pain in the form of a headache or there are times when I would feel as if the bed is sinking in when waking up in the morning as I mostly sleep on the right side so when I roll over on my back I feel bit dizzy for 2 or 3 seconds.

Yesterday we went to the seaside thinking that I will feel better but had a headache and started crying out loud as I was gazing out to the sea thinking what meaning got my life now, what is even the purpose of living if I may die in my sleep one day or if I develop a brain tumor or a hematom as a result of the injury??

I always loved the sea but now am struggling to find relief in the things I used to miss and love the most.

I am honestly hoping all these are caused by anxiety and that there are no underlying conditions that would contribute to all this suffering.

Thanks for reading.

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I am so sorry you are feeling so distressed especially when you are in such a lovely place like Italy visiting your family :-)

I am not a Doctor but I do believe that after an MRI scan they look at the results more or less straight away and if anything was sinister they are straight on the phone getting you in the hospital , they do not mess about with these things so the fact that your results look like they are taking the average time in which to come back I would have thought they have not found anything they are overly concerned about :-)

Is there any chance you could phone them and ask for your results ? just thinking I so would hate these fears to spoil this lovely Holiday you are on and it might put your mind at ease :-)

Again I am not a Doctor but I would think after a head injury it might take quiet a while for everything to settle down and these pains could be the aftermath of the injury along with your anxiety

I hope you do manage to enjoy your break and let us know when you do get the results back :-)

Take Care x

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I honestly hope this is going to be the case. Feeling better today but am just wondering if a head MRI would be the ultimate way of determining an underlying condition say if the headaches persist throughout next month but the MRI is fine then what?


Hello :-)

If the MRI is fine then I would ask what they think was causing the headaches , don't tell them what you think could be causing them because I find if we do they just agree with whatever we say as it is easier for them and just wait to see what they reply

Sometimes people after head traumas do suffer with headaches this can be common and hopefully as time goes on they will settle down :-)

Also just another thought , if they thought for one minute you had any of the things you are fearing you would have not been given permission to get on that plane and fly to Italy , they would have stopped you , so I know it is not easy but try and relax the best you can and enjoy your visit with family :-) x

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