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Finished therapy. Coming to an end

I had my last therapy session today and it's safe to say I'm so proud of myself. If any of you have a chance just look through some of my old posts. That was exactly how I felt at the time of posting them. Since then I have been working so hard along side taking 10mg of citroplam a day to over come my health anxiety. And it has never felt so good to finally be getting back to myself. Don't get me wrong I still get bad days, and I still get those evil thoughts cross my mind but it's all about controlling the thoughts and coming to terms with be fact ANXIETY DOES CAUSE PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS! I didn't believe for months! But I promise you it is.

I'm hoping I won't have to revise this site much, but Thankyou for anyone that ever commented on my posts! And I hope you all find what you are looking for!

Jade x

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JLou....CONGRATULATIONS! What an accomplishment and by all means you should be proud of yourself. I did look over your old posts and see that although you struggled with a lot of doubts and fears of your symptoms, somehow you forged through in getting to the place you are at now. What a ride huh?? You are back in control and should a negative thought cross your mind, you will be able to stop it before it escalates. You are a positive example of what can be for all of us. Take care and stay positive xx


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