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hello, last month I had terrible stomach pains and ever since I've had smaller pains but I can't help worrying that they'll turn out just like the last time. Today I found a small grape sized lump on the left side of my lower abdomen, I couldn't help worrying so I searched on the Internet, it said I may have cancer and have to have an operation. I'm panicking and it feels like the world is going to end I can't help but worry.

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Searching for a cause online is not always the best thing to do. As helpful as it can be, it can send someone's anxiety through the roof.

IIt's quite normal for the body to have harmless lumps and bumps come and go, it may be a lymph node that has come up or one that is normal in size and has always been there but you've never noticed before the stomach pains.. Im sure anyone could find a bump on their body if they look for one.

The only person who can really tell you is a Dr, so that would be your first move. In the meantime even if you can't stop expecting the worst, try hard to convince yourself to not think about it until you see the Dr. Because there's nothing you can do, except scare yourself from searching online.

My guess is the lump is one of the lymph nodes around the groin?, I can feel mine if I press around, same size as a small grape. I feel them in one side of my neck too but not in the other. About the same size as a small grape too..

Take a deep breath and book appt with your Dr.

It'll be okay x


thank you so much! the lump it just above my bladder. You have helped my so much! thank you!


That does sound like a normal lymph node. As I said I can feel mine I always have but never took any real notice, and with your pain and anxiety it's probably made it more scary and apparent. It is supposed to be there, some people can find there's, some can't... but it would be helpful to see a Dr and explain how you feel about the pains, I don't know what it was but if it was a bug of some sort or bowel trouble they may still be healing. you'll hopefully get some reassurance and support with any anxiety

If you do feel panicky or anxious about it in the meantime, write it all here. Someone may have been through the same thing..

:) x


Emily, put your mind fully at ease and please go see a GP. Also, searching out stuff on the web particularly if suffering from anxiety, is the absolute WORST thing a person can do to themselves.

No more "goggling" k? ☺ CYA.


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