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MRI referral

Been to the private doctor today who checked my clinical details and advised that the neurological symptoms, blood pressure and reflexes seem all normal and that he's not too worried.

Now I'm still anxious about the MRI appointment on inclined to say that I don't want to have it with contrast as the idea of having a substance injected in my veins makes me feel uncomfortable.

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They do this procedure so many times that I am sure they would not do so if it were to put patients in any danger even though our anxiety will tell us otherwise

Have you asked yourself which would make you most anxious , having the procedure done and getting the all clear after or not having the procedure done after seeing the Private Doctor , if it is the latter then don't have the MRI done but if not then I would still have it done , I would tell them my fears and hopefully they would be able to reassure me they were irrational due to my anxiety :-)

Let us know how you get on and what you decide to do :-)

Take Care x


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