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Stomach Problems

Anyone else dealing with stomach issues, like gastritis or ulcers, that were caused by anxiety? I am having a warm/burning sensation on the upper right side of my abdomen and under my righ breast. I was told I had h.pylori and so I've started trying to eradicate the bug (meds, etc), however, now my mind is caught up on the "fact" that I probably have stomach or duedenum cancer. I am a wreck! Didn't sleep last night, and it's making my stomach problems worse. I'm going to ask my Dr if I can get a an endoscopy to be sure, but I'm just getting so tired of having to go to the doctor. Advice much appreciated... I'm really struggling.

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Hi there, have you had a gastroscopy? They often do to see if you have gastritis and ulcers.biopsy to check for h pylori? If your so worried then you go and ask your gp for further tests. Otherwise youl drive yourself mad with worry and as you said make your symptoms worse.if you have had a biopsy they usually check then if there is any cancer in that area. In the mean time as hard as it is you must try stop worrying!! Try distract yourself when you have these thoughts, do something you enjoy. Don't let your mind control you!! You can control it by ignoring it!! I know it's really hard and I'm not saying it lightly. Go for a walk, listen to some music. Try hypnotherapy, there are lots of free apps available. X

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Thanks for the kind words. And yes I will make an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow.


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