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Why does my anxiety trigger a fear of having a heart attack

I just found this thread this evening as i am dealing with anxiety. It all started about a month ago. My mom and my two siblings came down to visit and my 2 year old got sick and it was horrible. I couldn't sleep I was having major indigestion which then lead me to believe I was having a heart attack. And then... I googled. I was convinced I was going to have a heart attack. I can be talked down when I have a panic attack but this time my brain would not let go of the idea of a heart attack. I went to the DR they tried two different types of antidepressants but they made me feel funny. Which i am not really having to take meds. She then sent me to a counselor which i really do like. I've been going for 2 weeks now. I had lost the idea that I was going to have a heart attack but then I was on social media and someone posted an article about how to recognize a heart attack 30 days prior and what did I do, i clicked it and read the symptoms. So now naturally I now have these same exact symptoms. For week now it's all I can think about. I have indigestion and the pain raidiates between my shoulder blades and I have some random chest pains. I keep talking to my husband who does not have anxiety issues and he just doesn't get it. He tells me you aren't having a heart attack your fine. And it's not that deep down I know I'm not but my mind and anxiety have this control over me. Oh. When I did go to the doctor she did say that my heart sounded great. But I still worry. I just want to be able to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm feeling instead of everyone who just looks at me and says well just stop thinking about it 😔

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Hi Justbreath123, Until you are able to read something about a heart attack with an open mind, this will continue to happen. As well as going to Google. The problem is now a days everyone and every age seems to know about heart attacks and strokes. All well and good in some respects but it seems to be causing a lot more panic disorders because people without a medical background are not able to look at the complete picture. The medical profession knows what to look for both physically as well as with blood tests. Once we are diagnosed with anxiety, we must leave the what if behind us. I once had a doctor who told me to put all of my worries in a basket and hand it over to him. I actually walked out of the office feeling free for the first time. You will never get the response you want from someone who hasn't experience anxiety disorder. Oh sure, most people do experience anxiety from time to time but it's different than chronic/free floating anxiety. It takes someone who has also gone through the same thing. We are here to offer each other support. I do hope you use this forum. It is made up of a wonderful supportive caring group of people who truly understand. Take care. x


Hi justbreath123,

So sorry to hear your story.Yet i'm also struggling with similar thoughts. If i get an indigestion, any slight pain in left arm,shoulder, neck or sweat a bit, first thought is heart attack. I have rushed to doctors and done more than 10 ECGs all came normal. last year I went to cardiologist on my request and after doing blood tests for choles. sugar ,Exercise ECG, pressure and listening to family history he said everything normal.He gave medicines for panic attacks which i didn't take. And during these stressful times I get bloated a lot and feel like chest tightening. So did an endoscopy and it came normal and the doc gave medicine to IBS. So it was OK for few months. Again my fear is ruining me. Truly, i fear exerting myself even to climb upstairs . Within me i think if I exert myself it will trigger a heart attack. But reading others similar experiences helps a lot to relieve my fear.I try to think rationally and suppress the negative thoughts. So... you are not alone. Now we know this is something many others have and it's not going to kill us anyway. All the Best!


Hello there, I understand what you are going through. When my anxiety is high, I get physical symptoms of a heart attack. When I am having a panic attack, it feels like I am having a heart attack and that any minute I will drop dead. This scares me to the core! I have so many irrational thoughts and I feel utterly alone because the people around me have no f@#%$ clue what I am going through. But, I take comfort in the fact that each time I survive an episode I will be ok. I tell myself, this life is temporary and heaven is FOREVER. You are NOT alone friend, you are NOT alone! May our heavenly Father bless you and give you peace.


Hey there panicnomore99, you hit the nail on the head, we are ok. I just wish that while we were having these attacks we could realize that. It's so hard to talk to others about this when they don't have the same issues. I really wish there was a way to stop the constant thinking and worrying that it's going to happen and every pain I have is NOT a heart attack. Thank you for the kind words.

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