Can't believe this is stress

Hi my names Daniel.after a traumatic event last May I've been having the most horrible time with my health! I've got horrible discomfort and pain in my upper right quadrant and back with really bad nausea and dizziness! I've been for every test imaginable and they all came back doc is convinced it's major stress and worry but I just can't believe it! I'm thinking all sorts of things and can't stop thinking the worse! I refuse to believe that stress and anxiety can me me feel this ill.looking for some reassurance and anyone whose had these symptoms to,I'm at my Wits end! Thanks in advance for any info.


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  • After a traumatic experience rallied this year I too feel the same have had bloods ecg etc all normal I have a list of stuff that makes me feel poorly yesterday I visited a chiropractor and wS amazed at what he told me I'm in quite bad shape and he's pretty sure that my grief and stress is the cause of all of it and he's sure he can help I'm at the point where I will try anything my doctor fobbed me off with anti depressants and said I have anxiety I don't ! I'm not an anxious person and Never have been I'm stressed because of how I feel ! Feel free to pm me

  • That should say traumatic event earlier this year bloody auto spell ha ha

  • Hi Dangy1, my belief has always been that anxiety is prompted by some traumatic event including surgery, sickness etc. It is amazing the symptoms that stress can bring on, leaving us wondering if it is a serious medical issue. Once you have seen a doctor, had tests done and a diagnosis of stress and anxiety, then the next step is to find a way to alleviate the stress. Sometimes it's not possible, then we have to find ways to cope with daily stresses, but it can be done. With the help of a good therapist and sometimes medication at the start, you can work towards a goal of getting your life back. There is no magic pill and even with therapy, it's got to come from within you. First thing is in believing that these symptoms are coming from the negative thoughts you put in your mind. A therapist will be able to advise you as to how to turn the negative into positive thought pattern. When it involves a traumatic event as you experienced, then that event needs to be addressed. Please have another talk with your doctor and have him direct you to someone or something that may help. Spinning your wheels with thinking it must be something medically serious will keep you in that rut. I wish you well and remember small baby steps is better than not taking any.

  • I am feeling exactly this. I have had major anxiety the last 2 weeks. All of the sudden i have aches and pains everywhere and I keep thinking the worst . I just don't understand how anxiety can make you feel pain. My mind Dosent stop running one second of the day . I literally feel every single little thing in my body and every single little things freaks me out and I think I'm dying . This is such a horrible thing to live with . I have Been so exited about my upcoming wedding in April And all of the sudden it has become last on my list, I don't have the desire to do anything! 😢

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