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Walking Dead Monster Face

Im Really Suprized That Anxiety Has Not Killed Me

But Walking Dead Is Not Ezy

Look At Me A Monster

No One Wants To Talk To Monsters

The Sun Burns My Eyes

Lonly And Beltching

My Life Is Over

Can Not Eat Feeling Sick

Look The Same

Nothing Can Be Done

It Is Hopeless

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I'm sorry you feel like this I'm sure you are most Definatley not a monster it's not nice to be lonely is there no one at all you can reach out to ?


Hello, smile!! please and know that you are not alone on this. I wake up feeling the same way sometimes. But I TRY to keep going. Give yourself a break today. One Life. Treat yourself today to something nice. Love yourself please.

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What a cathartic poem almost like lyrics to a song.

I've seen the darkest of this illness and at times never thought I would see the light. I'm 45 now and still here. My counselor said make friends with your anxiety but at times I want to kick it in the rear. But need to embrace this and just look at it from the outside rather than the inside. Have an open mind and love yourself.

fyi..i'm trying to take my own advise right now as I write this to you : )




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