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Lexapro help!!!

So I've been taking 10mg of Lexapro for about 6 months and love it. It totally helped my anxiety and practically made it disappear. I forgot to refill my prescrip and had to miss a dose last night but when I tried today they needed Dr. verification and the office was closed so I now have to miss 2 doses and I'm so worried!! I've missed 1 dose multiple times because I forgot or something and felt completely normal but I've never missed 2 and am freaking out that all the bad anxiety will come rushing back. Has anyone ever missed 2 doses and have advice/did you notice a difference?


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I think just missing two doses will be fine and you should see no difference even though your anxiety may scream something else at you that you should !

I would take this as a lesson to make sure you always have you meds in because of the anxiety it causes you when you run out :-)

I hope you mange to get that prescription sorted out soon :-)

Take Care x

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Hello I've never missed a dose also taking Lexapro but see if they could give you a few pills until you can have it filled pharmacys can do that.


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