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A neat trick

Hey, I learned something new recently, wanted to share...I heard a neat little technique on Klove radio station. If you stand in a superhero pose, it helps with anxiety and breathing...I tried it and it really works! Give it a try. And if you don't know what a superhero pose is... its standing tall, hands placed to your hips and looking up to the side standing proud...weird but it actually helps me.

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I am pleased you have found something that has helped as well as your post making me chuckle at the thoughts of everyone reading it and standing in their rooms looking like a super hero , you forgot to say make sure your curtains are shut in case someone walks past :-D

Take Care x


You made me laugh very much!!! I never thought of that!!! Thanks for the image, boosted my mood. (=

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Lol. That is kinda cool actually:)


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I want to be superman, so with that pose I'm a step closer!

I read somewhere that if you raise your arms above your head, as if you are happy that you just scored a goal or won an award, it actually helps you indifferent ways.

Your oxygen intake and consumption is better(it helps the diaphragm) and makes it esier for your lungs to get oxygen in.

Makes your heart rate drop, yes....

and that can help all of us during a panic attack.

But here's the best part! It lets you feel powerful and reduces your stress!!!

Read this.

Or watch the video, It's powerful we can use our body to make us feel better! stronger!!


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Thank you very much for that! I learned something new, and thanks for the links! (=


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