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Very confused!!!

Hello everyone, so today I'm out running errors stopped by the grocery store and started feeling really weird. First I got dizzy so I tried to shake it off. As I walked down the aisle my legs started to feel a bit heavy . I wasn't there long but as soon as I got to the car my right thigh was hurting really bad! I barely could get it the car!! So when I reached home I was totally fine! What gives? What was that all about I'm so confused!! Have anyone ever experienced this??

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Have you noticed when we have anxiety we question everything !

A person with out anxiety would have had these feelings got home maybe said I had a funny experience but now it has gone and got on with the rest of the day not giving it another thought but not us we want answers even though it passed

Sometimes out of no where certain things happen , feeling dizzy , hips hurting m arms hurting and so on and there is no real reason as to why , I think we have to stay focused that it passed so it was just one of those things

I hope you manage to let go of the experience and not let the anxiety take over and have a great weekend :-)

Take Care x


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