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Cronic gastritus/ibs and anxiety!

Hello all 

First can i say you are all beautyfull people! And are not alone .

I have been ill for 5years + with other medical issues that i beleve to have led into anxiety.depreasion

Its a overpowering sence of doom in my case /its been getting worse as my "lifes" gone on .it feels as if theres a weight on my head and a fog in my brain .any advice would be great .peace and love 

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Hi. Im very sorry you're going through this. I've suffered from anxiety all my life. And only recently it has gotten worse and made me feel really depressed. I try to not let my mind think for itself. As then it creates anxiety and depression for no good reason. It's a battle every day. But I've found being around people helps keep the mind busy. Make more friends would be a good thing also. And keep this support group near you. Tell your friends and family about your anxiety and depression it will help knowing that they know and they're all there for you. You're not alone ever. We are all here for you.

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Thanks much.

Just seems to be so hard now (life) i just try to think what happend to us (y are we like this)

i have a few other health problams that im sure are playing a lead role in the anxiety 

Thanks again for the reply it HAS helped me knowing this is real ppl with real issues 

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You're very welcome. I wish you happiness and health.  Take care.


Just hang in there and I pray and hope you will better, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you will find it, stay strong 😊

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