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Is this anxiety or just my personality?

I'm not gonna list all of my symptoms, because they're just the standard ones -trouble breathing, shaking, can't sleep, exhaustion, restlessness and so on- but it sounds like GAD. My friends and family are concerned and say I should see a counsellor, but I'm worried that it's not actually anxiety and just my personality. I don't want to show up and have the doctor say 'no, you're fine, you just need to get over yourself.'

I've always been a big worrier and generally 'negative,' but it's gotten really bad these last few years, to the point where I'm shaking and crying about going to work / school / the shops / etc. I sort of want it to be anxiety, so I know it's not my fault. But if not, then it must just be my personality and I'll be stuck this way forever.

Any advice?

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If your unhappy the way u are only you can change it but it takes lots of work. My guess would be you have anxiety and some depression


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