It could be Anxiety, a virus or death!

Last night I watched a film. Went to bed and slept like a log! I've had Anxiety now for near on 4 years and most of the symptoms I've had before.However this morning I woke up but could barely open my eyes. I felt drained and shaky. I was late for work and all day I have been inner focused and felt very uneasy. Struggled to focus and have had thought of maybe it's this or that...  My arms ache and I really hope it's just a bug...... But I think I'm dying, or I have a blood disorder that will lead to death or diabetes. I'm avoiding Dr google! ...... After such a good night sleep I can't work out why I am so drained and tired. If I don't wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed I know it will put pressure on me and increase my anxiety tenfold. 


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  • Don't let yit anxiety get to you, just relax and take a deep breath, it could just be a bug there's no need to be alarmed of dying or anything and if you don't feel better tomorrow, try going to the doctor I know it's scary but we're all here for you 😊

  • I may be a singular voice that believes that there is a root physical dysfunction that causes anxiety to flare up. Anxiety has become a catch phrase from doctors when they have ruled out the obvious. It would be so refreshing to have this disease recieve the attention and research it deserves. So much suffering with band aid solutions.

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