It could be Anxiety, a virus or death!

Last night I watched a film. Went to bed and slept like a log! I've had Anxiety now for near on 4 years and most of the symptoms I've had before.However this morning I woke up but could barely open my eyes. I felt drained and shaky. I was late for work and all day I have been inner focused and felt very uneasy. Struggled to focus and have had thought of maybe it's this or that...  My arms ache and I really hope it's just a bug...... But I think I'm dying, or I have a blood disorder that will lead to death or diabetes. I'm avoiding Dr google! ...... After such a good night sleep I can't work out why I am so drained and tired. If I don't wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed I know it will put pressure on me and increase my anxiety tenfold. 

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  • Don't let yit anxiety get to you, just relax and take a deep breath, it could just be a bug there's no need to be alarmed of dying or anything and if you don't feel better tomorrow, try going to the doctor I know it's scary but we're all here for you 😊

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