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Anxiety after covid and a death

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I’m new to this group. I tested positive for COVID about 4 weeks ago, I’m negative now but then my Dad past away almost 2 weeks ago from covid pneumonia and now I’m suffering with anxiety. I can’t sleep properly, not eating properly, feel like I’m going to die and I’m just scared all the time also I’m constipated. I just feel like I’m not gonna get over it.

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hi welcome aboard sorry to hear about your dearest dad god bless all the family.hopefully your on the mend real soon could it be long Covid maybe.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought but I’m not too sure

So sorry to hear about you dad. Welcome

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Did your father have any serious medical conditions and was he vaccinated? This was just bad luck, these viruses are around us all the time, always have been always will. You are not to blame, you clearly loved your dad and there was no malace here, just bad luck, these things happen.

Honour his memory by doing something positive with your life every single day.

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Yeah type2 diabetes which I have as well, also he had angina. He had both vaccinations. Thanks

Hello :-)

I am so sorry for your loss

The way you are feeling would be quite normal for anyone even those that have never suffered with anxiety before

Anxiety also messes straight away with our digestive systems resulting in either constipation or the runs or even both this is quite a common thing to

Your emotions must be all over the place and this must be so hard to get your head round and very early days however you have lost a loved one and the reality of what covid can do must have added to the fear you are feeling

I would speak with my Doctor and tell them just how much you are struggling there could be some Counselling they can refer you for or you even might decide taking some anxiety medication will help you through this terrible time you are going through but sounds like you do need help and you should ask for it

You can come and talk and get things of your mind to us which I hope will help in a small way to :-) x

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I’m just waiting on an appointment to start counselling. I’m on 20mg citalopram for my depression and 40mg of propranolol for my anxiety. I’m sure it’s just the medication and anxiety that is causing my constipation but my anxiety is making me think that I’m gonna die

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Anxiety alone does mess with our digestive systems Try eating things with lot's of Fibre as well as drinking plenty of water , it all helps

If it does carry on mention it to your Doctor they could give you something maybe like Laxido which I take every night and keeps you regular or look at the medication you are taking and maybe tweak it

I am glad you are down for Therapy even though I know the wait can sometimes be a while

You have been through such an awful lot , losing your Dad , and been so poorly yourself knowing anything could have happened that there is no wonder feeling like you are going to die is something that is tormenting you at the moment and of course anxiety does add to that feeling to

Be kind to yourself tell yourself OK it is not nice but this is normal how I am feeling after everything but it is going to get better and it will :-)

Take each day at a time and allow yourself all the time you need you are grieving to so you have so much emotionally to deal with

Let us know how you are and talk to us whenever you need to we may not have all had the same experiences but we know how anxiety feels and that is something in common we all have on here :-) x

Hi sorry about your loss how r u feeling after covid its very difficult losing someone my hus died 8 mths ago abroad was married over 25 years never got to see him it all happened suddenly from covid and had no underlying illness the pain anxiety won't go completely but with time you'll improve try focus on your future enjoy things we couldn't change wh happened but try enjoy wh we have u beat covid u can beat this

My daughter also has this post covid and vaccination...she had 2 shots of Pfizer. It was too bad of a reaction to shots after having had covid. Did you also get vaccinated. She had to because she was in dental school. She is very thin and gados at night with anxiety. I have her taking a coenzyme b complex in addition to magnesium glycinate and ubiquinol for her heart. I don't know how well she is recovering as she just started these things and is not very compliant. She is at school far from me. Will keep you posted on her progress. Please get enough sleep. Lysine can help...500 mg 3 times daily too to suppress virus replication for some viruses.

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