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Switching from Mirtazapine to Duloxetine. Advice please

Since November i've been taking 15mg Mirtazapine for my anxiety, but my weight has ballooned by 1.5 stone! Went to the doctor today and he has now switched me to 30mg of Duloxetine. Can anyone advise of any side effects of this medication, as I've been googling them and I'm scared of what I'm seeing on forums, ie sickness/ lightheadedness, sleep deprivation, etc. I had similar effects when I was on Sertraline and it was the worst feeling in the world, hence the feeling for this apprehension!!! I was fine on the Mirtazapine, it was just the sudden weight gain which really Shocked me! Also, I don't know whether I need to switch my medication straight after taking my last Mirtazapine or wait a few days. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi I have been on duloxetine (cymbalta) now for 3 weeks. First week 30mg then 60mg. The side affects not to bad. I had s bit of sweating/ jittery and no energy and was pretty tired for the first 4 days. My sleep wasn't affected. I couldn't tolerate ssri's (zoloft, lexapro) as they increased my anxiety and felt like I was in hell! My doc switched me to ssnr's which go a different path way in the brain as he explained. So the past week I've been yawning and I'm constipated which should soon pass. I've had no anxiety so duloxetine looks promising! But it's still early days. Doc said a few more weeks I should start seeing the benefits. Hope this helps somewhat 😊


Im back on duloxetine which for me has the least side effects and Ive been on many different meds in 2014 which made me really ill.As far as weight Im lighter now than Ive been in years so it wont affect you that way as I dont cut down food in any form.I hope this puts your mind at rest. Take care


Same problem, taking mirtazapine and sertraline for over a year and gained about a stone, I hate the cravings for cars, however I find the benefits outweigh the side effects. Surprised doc not giving you some advice on switching to duloxetine,.


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