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my anxiety

So for the past 6 years I've had anxiety. Ive been in and out of doctors and the ER. I'm on celexa which I take Daily. I don't really think it helps but, anyhow here's my current situation. I've been having these heart palpitations. They come and go. Sometimes I go days without having one. I get the whole shortness of breath and I freak out that I'm having a heart attack or something. They only last a little while. I am prescribed to Ativan which I take when I really need to which has been often lately. When I take it all my symptoms go away. I feel like if I was really ill and having a heart attack Ativan wouldn't cure me. Has anyone been through this?

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Yep exactly except my klonopin doesn't really work for me I've been taking it so many years! I wish you well and pray it all gets better for you! Day by day 💛


Yes, I feel same... Xanax is helping me for panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. But I am not dependent so much on medicines, I also prefer natural remedies like meditation.. and it help!


I am identical to you right now, I was speaking on the phone to an emergency dr only yesterday about it, he asked me about my symptoms and came to the conclusion I had anxiety and not angina, I, however need to be more convinced and like you am dreading it every time the palpitations start, however I was reading my Dr Claire Weeks book yesterday afternoon ESSENTIAL HELP FOR YOUR NERVES and she does calm me down as she explains why anxiety mimics angina/heart attack etc and she did help me.. hope you manage to calm a little xxx


You are absolutely right in that Ativan would not help if you were having a heart attack.

However, when it's anxiety, the Ativan helps calm you down. The only thing I question is why do you take Ativan only as needed. Is that what your doctor

advised? The medication needs to build up in your system in order to keep you at an

even keel. When taken as prescribed on a daily schedule, it tends to work better.


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