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The mornings are the worst.. Any coping tips?

With the help of medication, therapy, CBT and exercise I feel that my anxiety and depression is slowly getting better. On average the day is starting to have more good, happy moments than anxious ones. But I struggle so much with the mornings, as soon as I open my eyes all the awful anxious thoughts flood my head and it's not till around midday that I feel strong enough to fight it. I never want to get out of bed anymore and it's hard because I was always that person who loved getting up early. Does anyone have any tips or coping strategies they use for the morning?

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Don,t watch news, don,t read newspapers and get out house for walk for half an hour.....

Put on your favourite music...

Best wishes


I hate mornings, too - it's ok on days off when I can take my time, but work days are not good, although not all of them.

I have no coping strategies for the floods of worries and anxieties.


Hi, Opening my eyes first thing in the morning anxious thought flood my head as well.

What am I scared of? Has been going on for 6 years, but getting better and better.

The coping strategies that are working for me (finally) are the deep breathing techniques as well as listening to relaxation CDs. Both while I'm still in bed and then when I am up and about for a while. Have breakfast with the CDs and not the news.

By noonish, I too start feeling more in control.


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