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Anxiety after bad trip

I've been smoking weed for almost a year now ( but only 5 months since I've started using regularly). for a while it was the only thing that would give me motivation and make me want to do the things i love Ie: art, music, and dance. but i had a really bad trip the other day when i smoked after school. i started thinking about the universe and started wondering where the universe exists, what are we, where are we, etc. I've been able let go of these thoughts since teusday though, because i used to have them when i was younger. but i had a really bad panic attack when i was coming down, thats when the bad part of my trip started. and now i have constant butterflies in my stomach and i feel depressed and have developed derealization but not depersonalization thankfully. i want the churning stomach to just go away. Also i did DXM on sunday and think had my crash from it on teusday and Wednesday (i went to the ER the panic was so bad). I'm going to see a psychiatrist but id like others thoughts on this too. and depression and anxiety run in the family.

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Weed can and often does bring out dormant mental disorders in people. You have a panic attack while stoned and then the next thing you know you feel sad, anxious and high all the time. You have to try to let go of this feeling though, because the more you cling to it and think about it, the longer it will stay. Try taking some magnesium tablets. And DO NOT smoke anymore! I know it sucks but you absolutely can't smoke, probably never again because it will make the derealisation worse. I smoked after I developed the derealisation thinking it couldn't get any worse but I was wrong. You will be okay. Even though all of these feelings are horrible and uncomfortable they aren't dangerous.

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Does magnesium really work ?


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