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I'm new here

So ive been having anxiety attacks and panic attacks for the past couple months. I had gotten rid of them for almost 2 years and now there back . I did change places where I work. Possible trigger? But I did start cousling for them it's kinda helping. The doctor prescribed me xanax 0.25mg twice daily. But i feel like I might have built up a tolerance to them and don't want to increase the dose. I also noticed this time around that health anxiety has been an issue and Google symptoms like a head ach and think it's a tumor or something but it's highly unlikely. I have been catching myself going on Web MD.

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Oh man. Iam the same way lol i always catch my self lookng at symptoms and there you go i get all panicky thinking i might have a brain tumor or a Health issue... It sucks.

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Hi Joe,

It sounds like you pretty much know what's going on with yourself. You're back to the same old problems you had before. I hope you stay with the counseling and work on not making more out of a headache than just a headache. And, yes, you did add some stress by starting a new job, but you must be getting used to it somewhat by now. If you need a meds increase you know where to call. You're an old hand at this, you'll be all right. Congrats on the new job.


Have you been anxious or stressed for any particular reason?


I'd say yea just because of my financial situation. And I was also working 2 jobs and 7 day work weeks for almost a year. But i did quit my second job a couple months ago it was getting to much


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