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Health anxiety is driving me mad :(

Hey everyone! My anxiety started out a month ago! I don't know how long I can cope with this I used to be so happy and out going now I'm like a zombie,, I went to the doctors last week everyday except the weekend coz it was closed!! I am quite small 5 ft 2 inches and I'm 7 stone I can feel all my lymph nodes and I don't like that I can I'm constantly worrying about the ones I can feel at the back of my neck! I've had full blood count and it was normal I had a blood sugar test and one for celiac I think!! And in my head there lying to me and I have something wrong! I had a pelvic exam the other day coz I blurted out that I though I had ovarian cancer now that was ckear it's a brain tumour!! I've set up cbt therapy I really hope that's going to work,, any advice will be amazing! P.s does anxiety effect eating coz the thought of eating makes me heave!!

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Firstly you have to trust the doctors and believe that the test results are right.

Try you tube for relaxation and meditation type in anxiety and see what you can see also try breathing exercises on there

Never Google your symptoms that just makes it worse.

If you like reading go on amazon and check out Dare I can't remember the author but should be obvious from a search.

Most importantly be good to yourself.

Take care and know you are not alone there are plenty of us on here who are going through the same .


Thank you so much it's a awful thing to have isn't it.. I used to google but the doctor did tell me never to use it if I was concerned to go and see him instead.. For the first time in a while I feel hungry :) for a whole week I was actually normal until my sister mentioned something and it all came back! Nightmare! I will go on Amazon now and look it up! Thank you for replying :)

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Just ordered the book!! Reviews were really good!!


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