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Hi my name is zach and i am really convinced that something is going on with me I have real pains in my stomach gurgling all the time and in my throat and my muscles and I'm convinced that I have cancer and I was wondering what I should do I don't want to go to the doctor because I'm afraid I've actually will have some disease I'm 13 btw I think the reason I'm really scared is because I smoked before and I did stop but is this really a thing Health anxiety can really cause real pain someone please help


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2 Replies

  • If you are really 13 then you should not be on here. Speak with your parents please - they are best to help you right now.

  • Health anxiety is tough. I always think I'm having a heart attack, stomach cancer, a blood clot, etc. etc. Going to the doctor will ease your mind. Whenever I think I'm having a heart attack I remember that I always feel this way, and the cardiologist told me I'm fine, and my doctor told me that I'm fine.

    Find a good therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders. A good one helps you keep things in perspective and gives you hope. You will find that a lot of your physical symptoms are the result of anxiety. Sometimes a traumatic or life changing event can bring on anxiety, so a therapist is helpful there too.

    I like to read the posts other people have written because it makes me realize I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    Good luck.

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