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new on this website and will be 16 in 3 months

Hi Health Unlocked my name is Rachel. just wanna say i am new on this website and i know you have to be 16 or older to be on this website, but i am going to be 16 in 3 months. I am excited to talk to others on here. i can tell people about the scary things i go through sometimes like at night or when something doesn't feel right. I love the website so far and the other people as well.

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It is nice to meet you

It is so difficult even though I know in 12 weeks you will be 16 but still at the moment underage according to the rules on Health Unlocked

I suppose it is like going in a pub and asking to be served 12 weeks before you are 18 ( if you live in the UK 18 is the age requirement to be able to drink ) if they did that they would be in big bother and I totally understand you need to talk and want and should have support and I wish there were sites for the younger one's ( even though sad to see young people suffering ) and that these sites if they were out there would be Administrated to keep young vulnerable people safe so just make sure you let your parents know what sites you use and stay safe

Take Care x


Hello Rachel, aww when I read that I just thought how sweet and how could you disallow you for being on this site when you are clearly eager to join in and get things off your chest. I don't know if the administrators will chuck you off though as I've seen notices of people underage being removed but signposted to other help.

I know what you mean though as it would just seem a technicality as you are so close to the age but maybe I'm guessing that they will see rules as rules.

Take care and hope things go well


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